Updated Recruitment

[A][US][Cenarius] Recruiting for Raid/Mythic Progression

Guild Name: Unsung
Faction: Alliance
Realm (US/EU): Cenarius [US]
Realm Type: PvE
Realm Timezone: PST on an EST schedule

Wed: Gearing via Regular Dungeon or Mythic
Thur: Gearing via Heroic Dungeon or Mythic
Fri: Mythic progression
Sat: Raid or Mythic Progression
All events start at 2200 EST (10:00 PM)

Short Version:

Late night adult oriented guild for those that have adult responsibilities. Mythic Dungeon progression Friday nights and Raid progression Saturday nights. Capping group size at fifteen members for Raid group and three Mythic groups for now. Looking to build a close knit group serious about progressing through content.

Long version:

Late night adult oriented guild for those with adult responsibilities. Building a fifteen member group for one raid and three mythic progression teams for primarily Friday and Saturday night runs. Group is capped at fifteen to build a close knit team of dedicated, highly motivated individuals within the guild to push us through content progression on a weekly basis. Members will be expected to have a good attendance record in order to keep your spot within the team.

As this is an adult oriented guild, we understand that stuff comes up at the last minute and will take precedence. However, this is a group that will be dedicated to completed content and the current members are serious about meeting this goal.

Use of Discord for events is mandatory as it's a lot easier to give instructions via voice than typing it out. We have a website as well that information is posted so the in-game calendar is rarely used. MotD is typically updated to announce new website information. We also have a Facebook group and Youtube channel if you're into that sort of thing.

Schedule In-depth:

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday: Off Days. Resource collection to make food, gems, potions, etc. Run Timewalking, participate in holidays, mog and mount runs, or achievements. Just whatever.
Wednesday and Thursday: Gearing members that are still at regular dungeon level. If not needed then Heroic, and if that is not needed then run Mythics or do Off Day events.
Friday: Mythic progression night
Saturday: Raid progression night or Mythics

About Us:

Outside of the progression team, we're laid back and enjoy just playing the game for fun. We all have multiple alts in both factions, some of us stream our antics on Twitch, and we play together in other games. We chat a lot on our Discord server while leveling alts and chat outside of WoW on Facebook sharing cat memes, stupid Youtube videos, or just general day to day goings on.

We try to keep the guild drama free and expect you to act like an adult. If you have an issue with some thing or some one then handle it or bring it to an officer. Stirring up sh*t will result in being unceremoniously ejected from the guild.

Contact Information:

Interested in joining us? We have a few ways to contact us:

Website: https://unsungguild.com/recruitment/
Discord: https://discord.gg/7hge4za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/UnsungGuildCenarius/
In-game: enceladus#1191