It’s about fun and good times

We’re a small group of friends, in and out of the game, who want to share our time in Tamriel with super chill people like us. While we’re new to Elder Scrolls Online, we’re not strangers to video games and MMOs. We’re long time players of WoW – Where Unsung was originally formed – and dabble in other games like Warframe, Shroud of the Avatar, Diablo (I, II, and III), just to name a few.

Unsung is very much new player friendly but we welcome players of all levels. We hope to provide a safe place for new players to learn and grow while still challenging the more veteran players.

For adults, by adults

In case that doesn’t make it obvious, we are a very adult-oriented guild.

We make not-so-kid friendly jokes, call each other names, swear like sailors, and play while drunk off our asses. However, that doesn’t mean we tolerate being disrespectful to each other or will put up with targeted harassment or general toxic behaviors towards guild members.

In other words, potty mouth is OK, being a dick is not.

As adults, we also realize that work and family time come first. While we want to run as a guild we understand that real life gets in the way. We schedule events but no hard and fast rule for attendance. That being said, we also want to provide dedicated groups to pushing through harder content so those groups will have strict attendance as the whole idea is to work as a dedicated team.