Raid News

Unsung was founded with the main goal being to provide a small guild with a competitive edge. Our founders didn't find comfort in being in huge guilds where nobody talks and cliques seem to rule the day. As such, it was decided that guild membership would be capped at sixty individuals to allow us to get to know each other and form not only a cohesive team that can quickly topple the most punishing content but also form friendships inside, and out, of Azeroth.

"Talk shit and play gud"
-- Enceladus, Guild Leader, sharing wisdom

Unsung is adult oriented not just in content but in understanding and accommodating the responsibilities that we have as adults. We use salty language, we tell dirty jokes, we lace our comments with dark humor and innuendo. We also get that Raid time may be pushed back because the kids are getting rowdy or work has unexpectedly grabbed you by the hair and started groping you.

"My 'Oh Shit' button was out of shits."
-- Tank Garnak getting his ass beat in TW Slavepens

We have a schedule of Saturday and Sunday at 1900 Eastern time. Outside of that, most guild events are impromptu gatherings to run old content or achievements. Help is always given to leveling alts or newbies. There is no judgement when dealing with new players. We all started somewhere and had a million one questions and did some stupid shit, like gearing your Hunter in all strength because you play solo all the time.

"I'm geared with strength because I play solo. Duh."
--Random newb Hunter in Vanilla

Like what you see so far? Come join us! Contact any of us in game or use the any of the links on our recruitment page to get in contact.